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About Us

At Zamaha International the hair care professional is the heart of our business.   It was our desire to help hairstylist become successful that led us to search the world over for the cutting edge tools they need.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products at prices you simply won’t find anywhere else. All our Professional Stylist Scissors are some of the finest made hair cutting tools in the world. made to exacting specifications by artisans with years of experience. They are delivered to you quickly, with the utmost care, and backed by an industry leading quality guarantee and warranty package

Manufactured out of alloyed 440 C Japanese Stainless Steel, Vacuum Tempered for maximum hardness and toughness. Made to the highest standards demanded by professionals world wide! The edges are razor sharp, hollow ground and triple honed! Super smooth runs, with no drop, low friction and sound. Perfect for all cutting styles including slide cutting, layer cutting and detailing.

Our Scissors and Shears are some of the finest made hair cutting tools in the world. Designed for users who experience thumb fatigue and carpal tunnel problems, these shears feature natural finger movement which results in less hand and thumb fatigue. And-forged from the highest-quality Japanese steel to meet the demanding standards of today’s hairstylist.

Innovative design coupled with precision engineering come together in these world-class shears.  Flexible, yet hard, sharp and durable these shears are in a class of their own, and made with the serious artisan in mind.
Light-weight, perfectly balanced, and ergonomically designed, these shears are constructed  with some of the finest materials available, and only after years of research and testing; perfect for professionals desiring quality and performance.  
With rock-solid performance and outstanding control, these shears epitomize value.  They provide the perfect foundation from which to succeed