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Shear Care & Maintenance
Proper care and maintenance is the key to achieve longevity and maximum performance from any pair of shears.  Failure to perform care and maintenance on a daily basis will most likely result in a damaged shears and/or unsatisfactory performance.  Below are recommended methods and techniques to ensure that your Zamaha shears perform like new for as long as possible.

1. Cleaning
Using a soft cloth towel to thoroughly wipe your shears clean after every cut. This will reduce the build-up of chemicals and debris, which may adversely affect the performance of your shears.

2. Lubrication
After wiping clean, carefully open to a 90° angle.  Put one or two drops of top quality shear lubricant into the pivot joint.  This will assist in removing any residual debris, aide in the prevention of corrosion, reduce blade friction, and prolong sharpness.  Oil your Zamaha shears once daily.

3. Tension
Proper tension control is essential to achieve optimal results from your Zamaha shears.  If the tension is too loose your shear will fold rather that cut hair.  If tension is too tight it will cause unnecessary blade wear and user fatigue. To test for proper tension, hold the shears with the tips pointed upward. Lift one handle up so the blade is in a ninety-degree angle and let the blade fall closed.  If the blade falls completely closed the tension is too loose. Proper tension will allow the blades to close only about two-thirds of the way.

4. Storage
How your Zamaha shears are stored is very important.  For the best protection, store your shears in the case provided.  When your shears are not in use, keep the blades in a closed position as to reduce the chance of nicking and accidental damage.  Never use magnets to hold your shears as this may magnetize the blades attracting undesirable dust and other potentially damaging particles.

6. Do’s and Don’ts

1. Clean, dry and lubricate your Zamaha shears daily.

2. Check the tension of your shears regularly.

3. Check your shears for sharpness at least once each month.

4. Handle your shears with old-fashioned TLC.  Protect the edges from everything except clean hair.

5. Store and transport your shears in the case they came in or in a leather

1. Don’t use your Zamaha shears when they are nicked.

2. Don’t store your shears when dirty.

3. Don’t toss your shears in a drawer when not in use.

4. Don’t let your shears come into contact with any comb, sterilization, perm or color solution, as this may cause corrosion and other damage.